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Maintaining your Electric car

An electric vehicle requires a different maintenance routine from a traditional car

There is no oil or oil filters to change and no pistons, valves or gears. Brakes do not wear down as quickly. The retarding action of the electric motor means the friction brakes are rarely used. It is still important to check your tyre pressure, suspension, steering rack and wheel bearings. And our FREE TIPS will help keep your electric car in good shape.

Electric cars are heavier due to their batteries and they deliver instant torque which can shorten the life of your tyres. Avoid hard acceleration or pushing hard into a turn. Maintain your tyres as recommended by the manufacturer.

Like a fuel-powered car, electric cars with a thermal management system will need their coolant levels topped up from time to time.

The only other fluids in your electric car are the brake fluid and the windscreen washer fluid, which both need a regular checks.

You can look after your battery by making sure that you don’t fully charge it all the time but also don’t run it down so it’s dead.

This is the same for all cars and is the best way to keep your car in tip top shape. Only a qualified and certified garage can service an electric vehicle.

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